Colombia FTA Update

Argemiro Joaquin Maza Contreras was forced from his home in 2000 by violence. (MCC Photo/Silas Crews)

On Monday, October 3, President Obama sent three long-pending trade agreements to Congress, which are expected to pass in both the House and Senate.  The trade deals with Colombia, South Korea, and Panama were delayed due to disagreement over the Trade Adjustment Assistance, a measure that would provide assistance to American workers displaced by the agreements.  While President Obama and others claim that the FTAs would increase US exports and create thousands of jobs for Americans, the passage of the agreement would have dire consequences for the Colombian people, labor leaders, who have suffered human rights violations, and small farmers who are struggling to make a living.

The MCC Washington Office has advocated for stopping passage of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement due to its potential impact on Colombian small farmers and potential increase in violence against labor leaders and minority groups.

Colombia FTA fact sheet from Witness for Peace

Send a letter to Congress opposing the Colombia FTA

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