Latin American evangelical leaders send open letter to U.S. churches

Pictured are Marcial Reyes and Paulino Pardo who participated in a MCC water project by digging trenches in La Cuchilla, Bolivia. Families now have a faucet outside their homes and don't have to walk long distances to carry water. Credit: Melissa Engle/MCC

On August 18 multiple Latin American evangelical leaders sent an open letter to U.S. churches.  It reads, in part:

We know the generosity and solidarity of the American people and the assistance programs to the poor that operate through churches and civil society organizations in Latin America. It is therefore inconceivable to us that the wealthy make no effort to take responsibility for the debt generated by the country as a whole. Paying more taxes will not bankrupt them. Cutting social benefits jeopardizes the lives of the retired, the sick and others who are in need. Is this not brutally unjust?

As the Congress works to address the U.S. federal deficit, policies have already disproportionately affected low- and moderate-income families in the States and worldwide.  You can stand with these leaders in asking your representatives in Congress to truly live up to commitments for ‘shared sacrifice’.

Click here to send an email to your representatives and urge them to protect funding for foreign assistance programs.

Read the open letter | Read the press release

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