The Deficit Deal Explained:

A non-wonky guide to the Budget Control Act’s sweeping push to cut federal spending (and maybe increase revenue, too?).

Webinar, Thursday, August 18, 1:00pm EST. (1 hour 15 minutes long)

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If you are concerned about health care, jobs, hunger, services for seniors, children, or people with disabilities, housing, rebuilding communities, reducing poverty…well – if you’re concerned about pretty much any of the problems facing this nation, you need to know about the new Budget Control Act.  That’s the legislation the President signed on August 2 to continue the federal authority to borrow.  The price of averting that crisis was a ten-year plan to reduce the federal deficit.  The bill forces Congress to make nearly a trillion dollars in cuts, and sets up new budget procedures designed to fast-track at least another $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction.

Sounds like a big deal?  It is.  The new law sets up critical action by Congress between now and the end of this year that will affect all of us for a long time.  Learn how it works – or might not work – and what you can do about it, in this wonk-free webinar.  Get the scoop from Debbie Weinstein, the Coalition on Human Needs’ executive director, who makes a specialty of translating complex budgetspeak into plain English.  The moderator will be Ellen Teller of the Food Research and Action Center, who will make sure that lots and lots of questions are answered.

co-sponsored by the Community Action Partnership and the Coalition on Human Needs

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