New MCC U.S. campaign launched

Do not fear, for I am with you. –Isaiah 41:10a

“Fear not: Seek peace”, the new MCC U.S. campaign provides educational materials, worship and advocacy resources focused on domestic violence, gun violence and U.S. militarism.

Waiting in exile God’s people were reassured, “Do not fear, for I am with you.” These words still resonate powerfully today. We live in a world of fear—fear of death, fear of personal assault, fear of terrorism and losing what we have.

Some level of fear is healthy. It keeps us from doing unwise things and grows out of concern for our own safety and the protection of those we love. But it must not become an idol and keep us from experiencing the abundant life God desires for us.

The Bible offers us an alternative way of understanding security, promising that God is present with us. Because of this we need not live in fear and can put our trust in God, rather than in human rulers or weapons.

Join us as we explore ways to seek peace in our homes, communities and world.

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