Faith Leaders Call for DREAM Act Sabbath

On July 12, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and the Interfaith Immigration Coalition (IIC) held a press conference to announce the DREAM Sabbath.  Among the faith leaders in attendance was Dr. Fred Kniss, Provost, Eastern Mennonite University.

The DREAM Act Sabbath is a faith-based campaign in which the faith community will encourage congregations and individuals to focus a worship service, or part of a worship service, on the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act provides undocumented students with a chance to earn legal status if they came to the US as children, are long-term U.S. residents, have good moral character and complete two years of college or military service. The campaign will begin September 18 and run through October 9 at churches, synagogues and mosques around the country.

At the press conference, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the largest Latino Christian organization in America strongly advocated for passage of the DREAM Act, saying, “Without a doubt, Christ stood committed to the care and protection of the most vulnerable, especially children. To continue to punish these children is nothing less than anti-Christian, anti-American and morally reprehensible.”

More about DREAM Sabbath | MCC DREAM resources

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