Groups ask Congress to Oppose Colombia FTA

Photo by MCC/Silas Crews

Last week, MCC joined more than 400 other organizations, academics, and individuals from both the United States and Colombia in sending a letter to Congress asking representatives to vote no on the pending U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA).  The letter highlights the ongoing human rights crisis in Colombia and the adverse effects that the FTA would likely have on trade unionists, small-scale farmers and Afro and indigenous communities:

 “Colombian small-scale farmers would be devastated by the implementation of the FTA. The FTA would force Colombian agricultural products to compete without any protection against U.S. subsidized commodities… The FTA could contradict the goals of U.S. counter-narcotics efforts in the country by pushing small farmers to cultivate coca, a far more lucrative crop, undercutting alternative development programs in which the United States has invested for more than a decade. Armed groups are also likely to benefit from increased recruitment from an impoverished peasantry with few economic opportunities.”

Read the full letter and tell your member of Congress to vote no on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

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