“Out of Reach” housing costs

Today the National Low Income Housing Coalition released it’s 2011 report Out of Reach, detailing the costs of rental housing when compared with wages and work hours in each United States district and state.

Click here to access the report and see the numbers for your community.

Looking at these numbers together, the lack of affordable housing in each area of the country can be staggering.  And, coming at a time when assistance for housing has been cut significantly, demand for housing has increased while the stock of affordable housing has not.

For example, these statistics for persons earning minimum wage in different states make it clear that a 2-bedroom apartment at fair market rate is far from affordable:

  • In Indiana this person would have to work 76 hours per week.
  • In Pennsylvania, 89 hours per week.
  • In California, 131 hours per week.
  • In Kansas, 73 hours per week.
  • In Ohio, 73 hours per week.
  • In Virginia, 108 hours per week.
Click through the data to find the numbers for your specific metro area, county and district.

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