Haitian Campaign for Trade Justice

It's Enough. Stop the death Plan.

A group made up of 19 organizations, grassroots associations and NGOs launched a campaign to say once and for all, “It’s enough!”

The text on this dramatic logo literally means: “It’s enough. Stop the death plan.” In colloquial Creole, plan lanmò, or the death plan, refers to the neoliberal policies that have been applied in Haiti primarily by means of free trade agreements and conditions on external loans.

Haitian popular movements are unanimous in their recognition that the disaster caused by the January 12th, 2010 earthquake is the result of a socio-historical process whose main features are exclusion, injustice, and inequality, exacerbated by the application of neoliberal policies over three decades.

While the situation of displaced victims in Haiti continues to degenerate, private sector and multi-national plans to build free zones and investment infrastructure are flourishing and the Haitian economy continues to bear the brunt of bad public policy.

The campaign seeks to sever Haiti’s adherence to the system of market-driven policies that have resulted in a violation of the majority of the population’s rights, including access to healthcare, education, clean water and safe housing.

As such, KANPE PLAN LANMÒ A calls for a 5-year moratorium on trade liberalization agreements and the promotion of alternative economic and social policies.

The main objective of the campaign is to pressure  the Haitian State to solicit and obtain from the relevant institutions a moratorium of at least five years on trade liberalization agreements. The campaign also advocates for the establishment of public policies that will strengthen the country’s capacity to renegotiate trade agreements towards positive social and economic development and real regional integration. To help achieve these overall goals, the campaign will be disseminating the content of these free trade agreements to raise awareness of the consequences and implications they have on the country in general and on more vulnerable classes in particular.

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