U.S. Should Support U.N. Security Council Resolution

A resolution on Israeli settlement construction could be considered in the next few days in the United Nations Security Council.

The draft resolution circulating at the U.N. Security Council would:

  • reaffirm the illegality of Israeli settlements in Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967,
  • name settlements as a major obstacle to peace,
  • demand that Israel cease all settlement activity including in East Jerusalem,
  • call on both parties to act on the basis of international law and previous agreements,
  • call on all parties to continue negotiations on final status issues, and
  • urge intensified efforts to invigorate the peace process.

On February 2, Mennonite Central Committee U.S. and 12 other Christian churches and organizations sent a letter to President Obama, saying “In the interest of just, lasting, and comprehensive peace, we ask that you support this resolution being brought to the U.N. Security Council for debate and that the U.S. vote affirmatively when it is considered.”

Send your own email in support of the resolution.

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