MCC Action Alert: Stop Haiti Deportations

On January 20, 2011, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it resumed removals of Haitians by deporting 26 Haitians with criminal backgrounds, including one acquitted of all charges.  DHS expects to remove 700 Haitians by September of this year.  Deportations were suspended following the earthquake that devastated Haiti little more than a year ago.

Today, over a million Haitians are without housing, incidences of rape and domestic violence are rising, and political instability has escalated. Exacerbating the crisis is a cholera epidemic that has claimed over 3000 lives and is expected to kill thousands more. Deportations could divert resources from Haiti’s recovery and reconstruction effort, as well as jeopardize the lives of those returned to the country.

A recent NPR story has more information about the deportations.

Click here for an MCC Action Alert that urges the Obama administration to consider that now is not the time to deport Haitians.

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