How Haiti Can Rise from the Rubble

Antonal Mortimé is the executive secretary of the Platform of Haitian Organizations for the Defense of Human Rights, an MCC  partner in Haiti since 2005. MCC Haiti invited Mortimé to share his perspective about the situation in Haiti one year after the earthquake.

A year [after the earthquake], Haitians live in more fragile conditions than ever before. Nevertheless, I believe that change is possible in this country, real change that represents the interests of all of Haiti’s children.

I have hope and a vision that Haiti will rise up from under the rubble, not just the rubble from the earthquake, but the rubble of colonialism, the rubble of neocolonialist policies (the economic and social policies that countries use indirectly to maintain their influence over other countries), and the rubble of poor governance. I have hope that we’ll rise up from the rubble of violated social rights, the rubble of exclusion in all of its forms…

Read his entire reflection.

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