“Uganda: No Peace, No War”

Mary Stata writes in Third Way Cafe about the current situation in Uganda.  An excerpt:

While northern Uganda is no longer suffering from regular LRA attacks, tangible peace and security will remain elusive as long as this rebel group poses a threat to regional stability.

Nevertheless the Ugandan government is closing camps for internally displaced persons, thereby forcing civilians to return home despite a severe lack of infrastructure and insecure environment.

I visited Uganda in March and spoke with some individuals who live in these camps. They explained that there is nothing to go home to. One mother lamented the lack of schools and teachers. Her husband told me that he had no job in his home village. Without schools, good roads, health clinics, or employment, northern Uganda will not recover and rebuild from decades of fighting.   

Now is the time to maintain attention on northern Uganda in order to ensure a peaceful and healthy environment. The people of northern Uganda are the most impacted by the conflict’s aftermath and the least responsible for it. It is clear that the absence of fighting does not automatically usher in peace and prosperity. 

The full article is available at thirdway.com.

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