When will they ever learn?

Rather than ending military solutions to conflicts in the Middle East, the U.S. is seeking to step up its military involvement again. In the latest Third Way Café, Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach reports: “…[S]ignificant numbers of U.S. weapons are now in the hands of the Islamic State group (formerly known as ISIS) after their takeover of…

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ACTION ALERT: Urge Congress and the President to treat migrants from Central American with compassion

Two steps to respond to the humanitarian crisis faced by Central American children crossing our border: 1. Send a letter to your members of Congress and to President Obama urging them to ensure that the U.S. government response to Central American migrants coming across our border is compassionate and humane. 2. Call in to the…

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Domestic policy

In the United States, Mennonite Central Committee works through four regional offices and national program services, seeking to collaborate with congregations and communities to serve in the name of Christ. Guided by MCC’s programs and constituent denominations in the U.S., our office calls for the passage of humane immigration laws, criminal justice reform, gun violence…

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Peace March with churches and schools in Soacha, outside Bogota, Sept. 21, 2012. Photo by Nathan Toews

Foreign policy

Mennonite Central Committee has workers and/or financial commitments in approximately 60 countries around the world. Many of those workers and partners encounter the effects of U.S. government policy, and their perspectives guide our work in the MCC Washington Office. Our office currently monitors U.S. policy in Afghanistan, Colombia, D.R. Congo, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Palestine and…

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Read the latest issue of the E-Memo, a monthly e-newsletter from the Washington Office. In the July issue, learn about our advocacy campaign to oppose U.S. military intervention in Iraq and other policy updates.