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Abundant Life: Economic Justice for All


MCC Washington Office invites congregations and individuals to participate in its Abundant Life: Economic Justice for All Campaign. The Washington Office will be focusing on four specific areas of U.S. policy in which we see potential for taking steps toward greater justice. In this time of economic crisis, please consider taking one or more of the following Sundays to pray, reflect and act for economic justice for all.

  1. July 19, 2009 – And Many Were Healed: Health Care for All
  2. October 25, 2009 – Proclaim Jubilee: A New Beginning
  3. January 31, 2010 – Secure Dwelling Places: A Home for Everyone
  4. April 25, 2010 – Let Justice Roll Down: Trade for the Common Good

Resources and information are available at or by calling 202-544-6564.

Sudan Web Campaign

A Web-Based Advocacy and Education Resource for Local Congregations
Resources at the website include:

  1. Small group study guide
  2. Advocacy tips and bulletin inserts
  3. Sample letters for writing elected officials
  4. DVD and book suggestions
  5. Posters and bulletin inserts
  6. Articles, maps, and photos
  7. Worship ideas New!
  8. Youth study guide New!


View Sudan Web Campaign Blog Entries

Migrant Trail 2008


In May 2008, two Washington Office staff members, Gabe Schlabach and Valerie Ong, participated in a week-long, 75-mile walk from Sasabe, Sonora to Tuscon, Arizona. They witnessed the danger (and the beauty) of the desert, and experienced some of the hardships that migrants endure as they attempt to enter the United States. Prior to the walk, Valerie compiled resources that are available on the MCC Washington Office website. Following the walk, Gabe and Valerie posted their desert journal entries on the Washington Memo Blog.

Website resources:

  1. What is the Migrant Trail?
  2. Borderlands facts and statistics
  3. Migrant voices
  4. Devil’s Highway book review

Journal entries from the walk:

  1. Drink, Pray, Walk: A Pre-Walk Reflection (Valerie Ong)
  2. Speaking to Leaders 101: May 23-25 (Valerie Ong)
  3. Sunday, May 25 (Gabe Schlabach)
  4. Monday, May 26 (Valerie Ong)
  5. Tuesday, May 27 (Gabe Schlabach)
  6. Wednesday, May 28 (Valerie Ong)
  7. Thursday, May 29 (Gabe Schlabach)
  8. Friday, May 30 (Valerie Ong)
  9. Saturday, May 31 (Gabe Schlabach)
  10. Sunday, June 1 (Valerie Ong)

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