MCC U.S., more than 60 other organizations oppose new Iran sanctions

January 14, 2014

iran_bannerToday MCC U.S. joined 61 other organizations in a letter to Senators, warning them that passage of new sanctions against Iran would “critically endanger the possibility of a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear standoff with Iran.” Read the full letter.

Take Action to Protect Ricardo Esquivia and other Community Leaders

September 23, 2013

Send a message to Congress and the U.S. embassy in Colombia. Urge them to speak out against the persecution of Ricardo and other Colombian community leaders.

Ricardo Esquivia is a Mennonite peace leader and a close partner to Mennonite Central in Colombia. He is the director of Sembrandopaz (Associate for the Sowing of Seeds of Peace), which helps to build community processes of justice and peacebuilding in the Montest de María and Caribbean region of Colombia.

On September 13th, community leaders, including Ricardo, were falsely accused of being members of the FARC guerrillas by paramilitaries. One community leader, Jorge Luis Montes Hernández, has already been arrested on charges of criminal conspiracy, homicide, forced displacement, extortion, and other charges. It is suspected that Ricardo will be the next leader arrested on false charges.

Last week, MCC U.S. and 21 other organizations published a letter to the State Department urging Congress and the U.S. embassy in Colombia to take action.

Take action now to help protect Ricardo and other community leaders in Colombia from threats and intimidation. Click here to contact Congress and the U.S. embassy in Colombia.

MCC U.S. urges Congress to oppose military action

September 10, 2013

Yesterday MCC U.S. joined leaders of 40 national Christian, Jewish, and Muslim organizations, calling on Congress to oppose the proposed authorization for the use of military force in Syria.

The letter declares: “military strikes are not the answer. Rather than bringing an end to the violence that has already cost more than 100,000 lives, U.S. military strikes threaten to widen the vicious civil war in Syria and undermine prospects to de-escalate the violence and eventually reach a just negotiated settlement, in which all actors are held accountable for crimes committed.” Read the full letter.

Call Congress to let them know your views today!

MCC Washington joins letter to President opposing lethal use of drones

April 17, 2013

Yesterday the MCC Washington Office joined a dozen other faith-based organizations in a letter to President Obama. The letter begins:

As people and communities of faith, we are moved to express our great concern about the use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles, known commonly as drones, for targeted killings of alleged members of Al Qaeda, its affiliates and other associated forces around the world.

The use of these lethal weapons within the borders of other sovereign nations, at times without their permission, shrouded in secrecy and without clear legal authority, raises serious moral and ethical questions about the principles and the implications of this practice for U.S. foreign relations and the prospects for a more peaceful world.

Read the full letter. An updated list of signers is available here.

MCC U.S. joins groups urging Obama to help close deal on effective arms trade treaty

February 26, 2013

wp_multilingualpeacedoveIn a letter delivered February 19 to President Obama, Mennonite Central Committee U.S. joined 35 human rights, development, religious, and security organizations in calling on the U.S. to provide the support necessary to conclude an effective Arms Trade Treaty.

The treaty is up for renegotiation at the United Nations this spring and would regulate the cross border trade of conventional weapons by closing loopholes in the current international system. The letter notes that a strong treaty “can provide a key tool to help reduce the enormous human suffering caused by irresponsible international arms transfers and arms brokering.” The United States is the world’s leading arms supplier.

Two years after the outbreak of cholera in Haiti, access to clean water and sanitation is desperately needed

October 23, 2012

A variety of human rights groups, faith-based organizations, policy institutes and humanitarian organizations have released a statement on the second anniversary of Haiti’s cholera outbreak, renewing their call for the United Nations and U.S. government to help control the ongoing epidemic. Since the outbreak in October 2010, 7,564 Haitians have died from cholera, with some 600,000 reported cases of infection. Signatories are asking specifically for the United Nations and U.S. government to help Haiti install vital clean water and sanitation infrastructure. According to the World Health Organization, individuals without access to these amenities constitute the majority of cholera cases.

Click here to read the statement.

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Church leaders request review of U.S. military assistance to Israel

October 5, 2012

Today 15 Christian leaders released a letter to members of the U.S. Congress, saying it is their “moral responsibility to question the continuation of unconditional U.S. financial assistance to the government of Israel.” Ron Byler, executive director of Mennonite Central Committee U.S., is one of the signers of the letter, excerpts of which follow:

In response to our Christian call to be peacemakers, we have worked for decades to support both Israelis and Palestinians in their desire to live in peace and well-being…It is this experience and these commitments that lead us to write to you today to express our grave concern about the deteriorating conditions in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories which threaten to lead the region further away from the realization of a just peace…Unfortunately, unconditional U.S. military assistance to Israel has contributed to this deterioration, sustaining the conflict and undermining the long-term security interests of both Israelis and Palestinians…

Read the entire letter.


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