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Ebola has good reason to be considered a global health crisis, but it points to a larger weakness of health systems in developing countries and their lack of preparedness for outbreaks like Ebola, and others. In many African countries, health worker shortages and scarce funding for building and maintaining health care facilities are constant challenges…

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“Last night 71 mothers and small children from Central America were dropped off by Border Patrol with nothing at our Tucson Greyhound bus station… there is so much work to do…” — Tina Schlabach, Community Minister, Mennonite Church USA, May 27, 2014 Learn more about the recent flood of immigrants, particularly unaccompanied children, across the…

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In the latest Mennonite World Review, Tammy Alexander reflects on the ongoing deportation crisis and invites you to call on Congress to pass a just and humane immigration bill. Currently more than 4 million U.S. citizen children have at least one undocumented parent. For these children, “Don’t deport my mom,” and, “Don’t deport my dad,”…

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Learn the stories of young Palestinians and Israelis like Mohammed and Omar, who are working courageously for a more just and nonviolent future, through Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach’s latest article in PeaceSigns.