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“The panel of experts has chosen to honor Sembrandopaz for its commitment and dedication to an inclusive, holistic and just peace, bringing the voices of youth to the forefront.”


Charissa Zehr shares her thoughts on supporting the peace processes in Colombia: We stand with partner organizations and churches in Colombia who want to see an end to the violence in their communities and an end to damaging policies in the “war on drugs” that address only symptoms, not root causes. We support our Colombian…

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Legislative movement in Congress has been a lot like a one-horse town: if you blink, you’ll miss it. While there haven’t been too many bills making their way into law, there was a recent bill on Haiti’s reconstruction progress that is drawing a lot of attention. With bipartisan support, U.S. Congress passed a bill that…

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What’s bringing so many children and families to decide a dangerous trip, not accompanied by parents and smuggled into the U.S. with an uncertain future, is better than their alternatives? Our domestic policy intern, Lauren Davis, provides a helpful insight to the humanitarian crisis in Central America: The root causes of the current exodus of…

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Two steps to respond to the humanitarian crisis faced by Central American children crossing our border: 1. Send a letter to your members of Congress and to President Obama urging them to ensure that the U.S. government response to Central American migrants coming across our border is compassionate and humane. 2. Call in to the…

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“Last night 71 mothers and small children from Central America were dropped off by Border Patrol with nothing at our Tucson Greyhound bus station… there is so much work to do…” — Tina Schlabach, Community Minister, Mennonite Church USA, May 27, 2014 Learn more about the recent flood of immigrants, particularly unaccompanied children, across the…

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