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In solidarity with the Colombian Mennonite Church, Mennonite Central Committee organizes an annual ecumenical campaign of prayer and advocacy. “Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia” has been a clarion call to pray for those caught in a conflict that tears apart the social fabric of Colombia while encouraging people to take action, recognizing the…

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MCC honduras lifts up Colombia at service in Teguc mennonite church

By Charissa Zehr As a bilingual person aspiring to be trilingual, living with a bilingual spouse, I spend a lot of time thinking about language construction and the flawed way we interpret one language into another. Words fail to describe certain feelings; idiomatic expressions refuse to be confined by Google Translate and the sentiment falls…

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This article was originally published on Third Way Cafe. In 2000, the Clinton administration enacted Plan Colombia, the $1.3 billion aid package to help Colombia in efforts to reduce drug production. Profits from the drug trade have fueled various actors in Colombia’s ongoing guerilla warfare, which began in 1964. In the first ten years of…

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