Peace closer in Congo?

February 6, 2014

Independent armed groups continue to cause grave suffering in eastern Congo. In the latest Mennonite World Review, Patricia Kisare writes about the current conflict and how it is influenced by U.S. public policy.

Mennonite Central Committee advocates for programs that encourage armed groups to disarm and be reintegrated into the mainstream society. In Congo, MCC supports a program of the Church of Christ in Congo, which helps FDLR members to do just that. Despite their effectiveness, such programs receive little funding, compared to the money available for military operations.
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Power Africa: The New U.S. Development Frontier in Africa

September 4, 2013

Patricia Kisare evaluates the benefits and costs of the new U.S. energy initiative, Power Africa.

As we have seen in extractive industry practices, seizure of private land is a common practice of large-scale projects. Families are often displaced from their homes or farmlands, a process which perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Additionally, potential environmental damage could be mitigated by incorporating an appropriate mix of clean energy resources and technologies.  It is unclear at this point whether the Power Africa plan includes such measures.

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Zimbabwe Election Update

August 23, 2013

Julia Stafford writes about the recent Zimbabwean presidential election in the latest Third Way Cafe.

On July 31, the people of Zimbabwe re-elected President Robert Mugabe. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission declared that Mugabe won 61 percent of the vote. His primary opponent, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, garnered 34 percent of the vote. Although the electoral process was mostly peaceful, many people in Zimbabwe and the international community have raised questions about the legitimacy of the election results, due in part to the wide margin by which Mugabe was re-elected.

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Election uncertainty in Zimbabwe

June 28, 2013

Patricia Kisare writes about upcoming elections in Zimbabwe in the latest Peace Signs.

Zimbabwe is home to the largest Brethren in Christ church in the world. Through its partnership with the Brethren in Christ church and local faith-based organizations, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) funds trainings in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. MCC also supports community development work in areas of education, HIV/AIDS and care of orphans and vulnerable children.

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First conflict-free tin metal from Congo due in March

March 21, 2013

From Reuters:

An industry program to revive legal mining in eastern Congo after a crackdown on conflict minerals will produce its first refined tin by the end of March…

The initiative certifies that the tin ore is conflict-free to ensure it does not fall foul of the law, which requires U.S. companies to ensure their supply does not come from areas controlled by armed groups or corrupt soldiers.

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Petition to President Obama asking him to protect funding for HIV/AIDS programs

February 14, 2013
BAN 07-02-097 (1)

Melissa Engle/MCC

In advance of President Obama’s release of budget requests for the 2014 financial year,we ask you to sign a petition calling him to preserve funding for HIV/AIDS programs.  We have 30 days to collect 100,000 signatures to garner response from the White House, so please take a moment to SIGN THE PETITION!

Seeking stability in Sudan and South Sudan

November 12, 2012

Patricia Kisare writes about the ongoing search for stability in Sudan and South Sudan in the latest Mennonite World Review.

Sudan and South Sudan have a long history of mistrust from decades of war, making peace education critical. As we read in Scripture, God wants us to live peacefully with one another. In Romans 12, we are taught to forgive, reconcile and “live peaceably with all.”

In recognition of the need for peace education, Mennonite Central Committee Sudan staff work with local partners to train community members in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Through the Sudan Council of Churches, MCC supports community peace committees in Opari and nine other communities in Sudan and South Sudan.

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